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Chili Peppers


We love to celebrate all kinds of romance here at Serendipity from cosy, sweet love stories to steamy, spicy romances. We also want to make sure that you pick the right book for you, so we've come up with a chilli rating to let you know how spicy each of our romance books are...

Chilli Rating System

As our books vary from sweet to spicy, we've come up with the following system to rate each of our books.


If you see the sweet emoji below the titles of our books, then you know that it is a sweet, clean romance without any explicit scenes. 

some spice

There is a spicy scene or two but not a lot, the novel mainly focusses on the building of the romantic connection.


This is definitely spicy, there will be explicit scenes and plenty of steamy scenes throughout.

very spicy

Have a glass of milk at the ready because this novel will be super spicy with a plot that focusses largely on the character's physical, as well as emotional, connection.

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